Our History

In 1996, Cynthia Bailey responded to growing family and community stressors with the development of Sure Thing Inc. now Impacting Houston, Inc.; she envisioned a neighborhood haven for children and youth whose environments were otherwise plagued with academic apathy, economic plight, and social decay.  The birth of Impacting Houston, Inc. in one of Houston’s most undeserved communities provided a safe place for children and youth, as well as proactive after-school programming.  

Over the past 20 years, Impacting Houston, Inc. has evolved into a holistic, family-driven organization aimed at overall enrichment, as well as specific life domain development for children, youth and their families.Impacting Houston, Inc. is a dynamic, non-profit community-based organization which specializes in tailored development services to urban children and youth.  Located in Houston’s Settegast community we are a proven community leader in the delivery of innovative programming to inner city children and families.  With over 20 years of successful service history, Impacting Houston, Inc. has earned the trust of community families and the respect of community leaders.